Elidy Big

Elidy is nothing less than the world's first LED matrix fixture capable of projecting volumetric graphics! Elidy combines high-output, calibrated, warm white LEDs with specific optics to generate extremely narrow beams that far exceed the intensity of LED screens. Elidy is a matrix of 5 x 5 very high power Leds, driven by state of the art electronics to provide the world's first LED wall capable of projecting light. Its output exceeds that of standard Led sceens and can be used to provide rojection effects.

Product details

Weight 27.3 kg
Power consumption 800 watt
Light output 36.000 lumen
Pixels 225
LED Source White LED
Connector type PowerCON TRUE1
Connector link PowerCON TRUE1
Size 95x90x8,5
Beam angle
Included accessories PSX9 PSU included.
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