MA Lighting

GrandMA3 Command Wing with PC

The grandMA3 onPC command wing is designed as a powerful control solution on tour, for smaller theaters, shows or clubs. Also, if you are looking for a clever backup solution for your grandMA3 system or if you need a small pre-programming station, the grandMA3 onPC command wing will be the perfect choice.

onPC wing for real-time control of 4 096 parameters in combination with grandMA3 onPC Command section similar to grandMA3 compact layout 29 rotary RGB backlit encoder 5 dual encoders 10 motorized 60 mm faders 40 separate playbacks 16 assignable x-keys 2 motorized A/B faders 100 mm 1 Level-Wheel Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys Just connect via USB to any PC running grandMA3 onPC

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